Wednesday, July 14, 2010

vWorker - Bid for Jobs

vWorker has projects to complete right now. Positions vary. Bids welcome from workers worldwide. Check it out!



What could you do, if you were able to choose to work wherever and whenever you wanted? And what if you were guaranteed payment so you could forget about billing worries and just focus on what you do best? The virtual worker lifestyle gives you freedom and flexibility that doesn't exist in traditional work arrangements. Click here to learn how it works, browse the opportunities, and then signup and start bidding on the 2,353 open projects from 142,020 employers.

Employers and Entrepreneurs

What could you do, if you were able to easily and cheaply hire the best and brightest from across the globe? Not only will virtual workers save you 35% or more of the cost of a traditional worker, but we guarantee they will do the job better! Click here to learn how it works or post your no-obligation project to 294,443 virtual workers right now.
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