Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bid Ocean - Multiple Positions

Lots of jobs are available on Bid Ocean. Australian and international applicants needed.

Bid Ocean
Are you fluent in English, highly intelligent, honest and compassionate? If so, we might have a position for you.

Bid Ocean, Inc. is growing rapidly and seeks high quality personnel who want a great job and to help make the world a better place. The following positions are currently available:

Internet Researcher
Currently accepting applications only from those in Asia and Latin America. Full time position for Internet research and data entry. Use the Bid Ocean software system to find and enter tender (solicitation) information from various sources and enter it into an online form. Requires higher than average intelligence, reliability, integrity, fluent English, good hand-to-eye coordination, extended concentration, good typing skills, precision in data entry and good computer skills. Quick advancement and pay increases for good work. Online skills evaluation required before acceptance for training.

Bid Ocean's Requirements for Internet Researchers
Bid Ocean is seeking individuals outside the US and Canada who are suitable for Internet Research and Data Entry. This job requires a special kind of person. You should only apply if you have the following qualifications and are seriously interested in the position of Internet Researcher. If you don't meet the requirements then please don't waste your time and ours by applying. We have other less demanding positions you may qualify for.

Training pay is minimal and only those who demonstrate that they have the required skills are given the position of Researcher and the higher pay that comes with it. All positions require a minimum 40 hours work per week. This is a very mentally demanding position and is only open for those looking for a full-time position that will be their only job.

Bid Ocean is a great company to work for and is looking only for great people. If you have what it takes, please apply.

If you are not well suited for the position of Internet Researcher but are interested in a different position please let us know. We have a number of different positions opening up in the near future.


1. Cognitive Abilities - The position requires someone who is able to learn complex information quickly, scan information and look for specific types of information, understand the data and enter and classify the data with a very high degree of accuracy.

A person who is highly creative or artistic is not suitable for this position. It can actually be painful for a creative person to force themselves to do this kind of work for a full day.

A suitable person is someone who is logical and analytical and who can focus their mind for extended periods of time. This is typically called a 'left-brained' person because it is the left hemisphere of the brain that normally does the logical and analytical work while the right side is the creative and intuitive part of the brain.

2. Integrity - An Internet Researcher must follow procedures and search thoroughly for the required data and enter it correctly. Failure to do so creates serious problems for Bid Ocean and our customers. We must be able to trust our Researchers to always do their best and not skip data or make avoidable errors.

Fines are imposed for deliberate skipping of data and repeated errors. Those who can't be trusted to do a good job are replaced.

Bid Ocean is open and honest with all its staff and requires the same from its staff. We have zero tolerance for dishonesty, manipulation or deceit.

3. Self-Discipline - This position is only for those who are able to focus on work for at least 8 hours per day and get the job done without a lot of supervision.

PLEASE, only apply for this position if you are qualified and really want a demanding job.

Commissioned Sales
Contact leads provided to offer free trials, configure free trials, conduct demonstrations of the Bid Ocean Network, build relationships and close sales. Requires honesty, good computer skills and excellent communication skills with some experience in sales or customer service.

Software Programmer
MySQL, PHP, AJAX Programmers and trainees needed outside the US and Canada. Must be experienced in database and web interface (MySQL, PHP, JAVA) development. Full or part-time. Should have at least one year experience and be fluent in English and completely trustworthy. Background check required.

News Reporter - Writer
Currently accepting applications only from those outside the US and Canada. Must be fully fluent in English, intelligent, creative and have great researching and writing skills. Position will require writing news articles on a wide range of topics. Upload samples of writing.

3D Animator
Currently accepting applications from 3D Animators with artistic talent skilled in one of the following: 3DSM, Blender, Maya or Lightwave.

Telephone Researcher
Needed in Philippines and India, other countries considered. Applicants must have great English and communications skill with minimal accent. Must work US work hours. Use VoIP to request data related to procurement tenders (solicitations) from US and Canadian govt. agencies. Call center experience a plus.

Acting Talent
Actors and Actresses are needed for various international video projects on business, technology and human development topics. Applicants must be photogenic, articulate and fluent in English with a relatively neutral accent. Resume should include bio and photos. Part-time as needed.

Electronic Engineer/Technician
Seeking applicants only in Asia, India, Africa and Latin America. Need experienced and brilliant electronic engineer to design and construct electronic systems for a wide range of applications. Must be highly intelligent, creative, compassionate, honest, fluent in English and hard working. Most importantly, applicants must be passionate about creating new electronic systems in an open-source environment and be seeking a long-term position with reasonable pay for a progressive company. Projects will include robotics, capacitance monitoring network, remote sensing, sophisticated VPN, and more. Responsibilities will include staying current in the field of electronics, collaboration with others and consulting on various software, hardware and networking projects for Bid Ocean and other organizations. Full-time preferred but would consider part-time for the right person. Preference for people who can work in our offices but work from home will be considered for the right person.

You will be contacted if you meet the qualifications. Applicants outside the US/Canada should select the 'state' of "International". Only apply for the position you are qualified for. All applicants must complete an online evaluation that measures intelligence, typing skills and English proficiency. Incomplete applications are automatically rejected.
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