Thursday, July 29, 2010

Captioners Wanted - Caption Colorado

If you're a fast and accurate typist, apply with Caption Colorado to become a Captioner. English speaking applicants welcome!

Caption Colorado
Captioning Careers

Trade In Your Work Shoes for a Pair of Ours!


Imagine your world with no commute, no dry cleaning, and no transcripts. Caption Colorado offers full and part-time captioning positions and a world where competitive rates, flexible hours, technical support, 401K, flex spending accounts, health/dental/vision and training are all available from the comfort and convenience of your home. And, on top of that, wouldn’t it be great to know that what you do every day has tremendous value and purpose.

Our captioners deliver the missing soundtrack and provide access to what’s happening in the world, and you can too! Trading in your shoes may be easier than you think…

* Am I ready to be a Caption Colorado Realtime Captioner?
* You’re Ready if You Are…
* A clean, complete, and consistent writer with 98+% accuracy.
* A writer who is conflict-free and uses prefixes, suffixes, etc. in your writing style.
* A team player who is able to work within Caption Colorado’s policies, procedures, and guidelines.
* A reliable and punctual person who is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service.
* A writer who actively seeks ways to develop and maintain superior realtime captioning skills through self-correcting, continuing education, and a willingness to give, receive, and incorporate feedback.

Is captioning a good fit for me and what equipment do I need?

Click Here for Answers.

I’m still not sure if I’m ready to be a realtime captioner. Do you have any training or tips available?

Click Here for Training Opportunities.

I’m ready to apply, now what do I do?

Click here and complete your job profile.

Your application will be screened and selected candidates will be invited to take a realtime assessment, which consists of a 30 minute local news program. When an opening becomes available, candidates with the top assessment scores will be interviewed and candidate selection will be based on the assessment score and the final interview. Assessments are reviewed on the basis of keystroke accuracy, conflicts, word boundary problems, overall flow, completeness, and comprehensibility. Candidates may be asked to complete more than one assessment.

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