Thursday, July 29, 2010

Online Tutors Wanted - Kidspan

Tutor school aged kids online with Kidspan.
For teachers worldwide.

How does the whole process work?

We use an internet based whiteboard. This is a screen that the teacher and the student can both write on and see instantaneously what the other person has also written.

At the same time, your regular telephone based clear voice conversation is going on. This way the student and teacher can talk easily as the whiteboard is being used to show the explanation.

The teacher also sends study material to the child sometimes - to be done at your own pace and time. The subject/content depends upon what subject and level is relevant to the student.

Initially we start with a low level. Rapidly we raise the level to the child's challenge level.

You receive the material and print it (preferably). Otherwise the child views it on the computer.

At the time decided, a phone call to your designated location is made. The teacher and student go to the classroom whiteboard and the session starts.

The teacher goes over the material. Typical teaching sessions last 55 minutes.

Teachers Needed for:

Math: +, - ,<, >, ¹, ÷, x, ¢, $, %, (), *, ~, £, ¥, ¼, ½, ¾, ø, µ, 4³, X, Y

Reading: apple - zebra, phonetics, comprehension

Science: solar system, plants (Botany), animals (Zoology), physics, chemistry, essentials of life

Geography: North America, Continents, states, counties, towns, cities

Algebra: X=Y+Z Z=Y+2 Y-2=X²

History: Civilizations, Americas, Africa, Asia, Canada, Australia/NZ, Antarctica, world wars, Civil war USA, USA & Columbus.

Chemistry: Basic, organic, analytical
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