Monday, July 12, 2010

Elance - Freelance Work

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Elance offers a service for both employers and independent contractors. Work is available in a number of fields. International candidates welcome to apply
Elance, the world’s leading online talent marketplace, helps companies hire and manage professionals online to get work done and grow their businesses.

Elance instantly matches employers with a ready and qualified workforce of more than 157,000 rated and tested professionals with technical, marketing and business skills, and provides the tools to manage online and pay for results. With more than $283 million in earnings to date, contractors and service providers around the world use Elance to meet employers and get paid for delivering great results.
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  1. Hi, this is Nicole from (formerly known as Like Elance, vWorker provides access to a wide variety of jobs. Success at these types of sites strongly depends on what these services offer, and the services available at Elance (or unavailable -- depending on how you want to look at it) could limit that success. Consider the following:

    1. Workers on Elance cannot place more than 3 bids a month unless they pay a subscription fee ($9.95/month for 20, $19.94/month for 40 or $39.95/month for 60). vWorker has no subscription fees or hidden fees.

    2. On Elance, an Employer can challenge you with an arbitration at any time. If they do, you must either choose to pay the non-refundable arbitration fee ($66-$133) or forfeit your money-back guarantee. Arbitration at vWorker is free.

    In addition, an Employer intent on abusing the system can stall the start of arbitration on Elance for 21 business days and during this period your money is not available to you. At vWorker, 45% of our arbitrations are completed under a day -- 75% under a week.

    3. Elance does not guarantee any hours until you've worked at least 80 hours. During this time you may find yourself working for free. Elance only guarantees to pay you for the first 40 hours you work in a week. If you are working longer hours to help a client, you may find yourself working for free. All hours of work are guaranteed at vWorker.

    For more details on Elance, see:

    If you have any questions, please let me know. You can also call in to talk to a facilitator 7 days a week, or email us.

  2. Hi Nicole. Thanks for the information on both Elance and vWorker. I've now added a post for vWorker too.

  3. You're quite welcome, And thank you for the blog post!

  4. No problem. Thanks for bringing vWorker to my attention. :)