Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gaming Jobs - Alchemic Dream

Want to get into the gaming industry? Alchemic Dream is looking for online workers for a few different positions. Some other languages are also a requirement. Open to worldwide applicants!

Alchemic Dream
Alchemic Dream Careers

Are you looking for a company offering energy, conviviality, responsibilities and motivating challenges ? Then Alchemic Dream is for you.

We propose a whole range of jobs on a regular basis, in fields such as game mastering and online customer support, game design and community management.

Our current needs are: German, Czech, Norwegian and Dutch

But if you speak the following languages, you still can apply: Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Thai and Turkish

Game Master

Alchemic Dream is looking for Game Masters to assist customers with their in-game or technical issues.

Game Masters are specialists who offer support to our customers. Their main role is to provide assistance and guidance to players through a typed-chat client, in-game customer support, as well as email-based customer support.

Event Agent

Alchemic Dream is looking for an Event Agent who plans, and executes the events. Event Agents are specialists who offer a real-time animation, and are expert at the creative, technical elements that help an event succeed. They are often behind-the-scenes running the event.


Alchemic Dream is looking for experienced translators to work in our localization department. Your main role is to localize a game content and related materials, including web contents and tools. The ideal candidate is a well-organised and experienced translator, with excellent communication skills and self-motivated. MMORPG experience is a plus.
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