Friday, September 17, 2010

Unity4 - Outbound Sales - Energy Australia - AU Only

Unity4 is hiring Outbound Sales Reps for Energy Australia.
Applicants needed all over Australia!


Energy Australia Sales Representative

Job Number

Outbound Sales

Your home office!

Our client is Energy Australia, one of the largest energy suppliers in Australia with over 100 years experience. They are a leader in providing energy solutions such as electricity, gas supply and renewable energy alternatives.

The role will involve making a discounted offer to small to medium sized businesses in order to acquire new customers for Energy Australia

To secure this role you will have:

Demonstrated experience in a sales role.

Strong communication and rapport building skills.

Drive to succeed and the ability to achieve sales targets.

The ability to work independently.

You must be available to work a minimum of 15 hours a week, have a reliable broadband internet connection, a corded telephone and a dedicated home office is essential.

Successful applicants will receive $20.00 per hour plus super and sales bonuses, the ability to work flexible hours and all from the comfort of their own home. Paid training and ongoing coaching will also be provided.

If this sounds like you apply now!

$20 per hour + bonus + superannuation

Applications Close
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Energy Australia

Monday, September 6, 2010

Project4Hire - Lots of Freelance Jobs

Project4Hire has online jobs for freelancers. Worldwide applicants are encouraged to apply. Start bidding today!


If you are a Web Designer, SEO expert, Programmer, IT Professional, Graphic Artist, Advertisement Consultant, Translator, Freelancer with skills on demand, or any other Professional, you can win contract jobs at Project4Hire. Simply register and start bidding on freelance projects that you are qualified for.
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Writing Bids - Need Writers

Writing Bids is a place for writers to find and bid on writing jobs. Covers all types of editorial work. Translation work available, too. Open to the world!

Writing Bids

• Freelance ARTICLE WRITING Projects
• Freelance CONTENT WRITING Projects
• Freelance COPYWRITING Projects
• Freelance WEBSITE WRITING Projects
• Freelance BLOG WRITING Projects

• Freelance BOOK WRITING Projects
• Freelance GHOSTWRITING Projects
• Freelance HEALTH WRITING Projects
• Freelance GRANT WRITING Projects
• Freelance TECH WRITING Projects
• Freelance PR WRITING Projects

• Freelance EDITING Projects
• Freelance PROOFREADING Projects
• Freelance TRANSLATION Projects
• Freelance RESEARCH Projects
• Freelance RE-WRITING Projects
• Freelance RESUME WRITING Projects
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ScriptLance - Need Freelancers

ScriptLance have many jobs waiting to be completed. Find all types of freelancing work here. Worldwide applicants accepted.

Needed Now:


Outsource your website programming, design, writing and marketing projects to freelancers on ScriptLance.


* Joomla
* Javascript
* Social Networking
* Modifications


* Website Design
* Logos
* Graphics
* Wordpress


* Blogs
* Article Writing
* Data Entry
* Article Submission
* Content Writing


* Search Engine Optimization
* Links
* Link Building
* Twitter
* Facebook
ScriptLance FAQs

Mini Freelance - Multiple Jobs

Mini Freelance is looking for freelancers worldwide to complete mini jobs.
Many areas of work available.

Mini Freelance

- Find jobs you can do
- Complete job, finish proof.
- Make money
Mini Freelance - FAQs

UserFeel - Hiring Usability Testers

Test websites with UserFeel. Get paid to use and review company websites!
Worldwide applicants accepted.


What does a Usability Tester do?
He or she conducts a usability test on a site.

Why do website owners need Testers?

To reveal usability problems on their sites.

What's a sample test, and why do I need to take one?
The sample test is to show us that you can speak your thoughts into the microphone, and that you do have a microphone of your own. Based on this sample test, you'll get the first rating that will determine if—and how often—you'll get to do our usability tests.

What makes a good Tester?
A good Tester can provide useful information on a site's usability. In a few words:

We DO NOT want a Tester:

* Just reading what the site says (we already know what's on the site.)
* Telling us everything is OK.
* Showing off how good she is and how easily and fast she can do it.
* Flattering the site. However, if he's really impressed with something, he can say so.
* Going out of the scenario, or not performing the required tasks.

We NEED the Tester to:

* Speak her thoughts on the microphone.
* Tell us what confuses him, and what attracts his attention.
* Explain what and why she does what she does on the site.
* Propose something that would help him perform the required task.
* Provide useful comments.
* Perform the required tasks according to the test scenario.
* Speak loudly and clearly on the microphone.
* Thoroughly answer the questions in writing, at the end of the test.
UserFeel Usability Tester

Website Testers Needed - TryMyUI

TryMyUI need usability testers worldwide. Test websites for companies and get paid for it! Sites will be location specific.


What's Involved in Being a Tester?

Thanks for your interest in being a usability tester for TryMyUI. Here's a little background about TryMyUI and the process for becoming an approved tester.

What is TryMyUI?

At TryMyUI we enable website developers to learn about users' experience with their website through Usability Testing.

What is a Usability Test?

A usability test consists of:

1. A video of your computer screen (screencast) as you use a target website. The video features your voice as you describe in detail what you are thinking as you use the website and perform the requested tasks.

2. Your written summary, responding to several questions about your experience using the website.
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