Monday, September 6, 2010

UserFeel - Hiring Usability Testers

Test websites with UserFeel. Get paid to use and review company websites!
Worldwide applicants accepted.


What does a Usability Tester do?
He or she conducts a usability test on a site.

Why do website owners need Testers?

To reveal usability problems on their sites.

What's a sample test, and why do I need to take one?
The sample test is to show us that you can speak your thoughts into the microphone, and that you do have a microphone of your own. Based on this sample test, you'll get the first rating that will determine if—and how often—you'll get to do our usability tests.

What makes a good Tester?
A good Tester can provide useful information on a site's usability. In a few words:

We DO NOT want a Tester:

* Just reading what the site says (we already know what's on the site.)
* Telling us everything is OK.
* Showing off how good she is and how easily and fast she can do it.
* Flattering the site. However, if he's really impressed with something, he can say so.
* Going out of the scenario, or not performing the required tasks.

We NEED the Tester to:

* Speak her thoughts on the microphone.
* Tell us what confuses him, and what attracts his attention.
* Explain what and why she does what she does on the site.
* Propose something that would help him perform the required task.
* Provide useful comments.
* Perform the required tasks according to the test scenario.
* Speak loudly and clearly on the microphone.
* Thoroughly answer the questions in writing, at the end of the test.
UserFeel Usability Tester

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