Thursday, August 26, 2010

Unity4 - Outbound Sales - AU Only

Unity4 need at-home telephone sales representatives all over Australia. You'll be working on a Backyard Buddies fundraising campaign. Hourly rates plus bonuses.


Backyard Buddies Fundraisers

Job Number
BYB 20100401

Outbound Sales

Your home office - Anywhere in Australia!

We are currently looking to expand our telephone sales team. You will be making outbound calls to both new and existing supporters to raise money on our Backyard Buddies Program.

The ideal candidate will have:

* Confidence to cold call.

* Motivation to succeed.

* Attention to detail.

* Great communication skills and telephone manner.

The successful candidates will be provided with training, a supportive team network and flexible hours.

You must be able to commit to at least 15 hours a week, and meet our minimum technical requirements.

If this sounds like you, Apply now

$19 per hour + bonus + super

Applications Close
Unity4 Careers
Backyard Buddies

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Task Army - Set Your Rates - Freelancers Needed - Many Areas of Work

TaskArmy is an Australian crowdsourcing company. Different to the usual crowdsourcing model, Task Army allows you to set your own prices for work. Similar to companies like fiverr - The things people do for $5 -- but gives you the opportunity to charge higher rates. Open to the world.

Task Army

1. Experts list the tasks they are willing to do
2. Buyers come and buy the tasks they need done
3. Experts are notified when their tasks are bought
4. Buyers are notified when the work is done and can approve the payment


* All transactions are made via Paypal for better security and dispute management
* For each task, experts receive 80%
* The payment is made only when the buyer has confirmed the task has been done

Why $99?

Constraints encourage creativity. We want experts to come up with creative ways to help businesses while valuing their time and skills.

$99 is also a fairer ground for experts from more expensive countries (as opposed to india or philippines). Experts don't compete on pricing, they compete on creativity and quality which is what businesses really care about.

TaskArmy's model is a good way for a business to find a freelancer at low risk, low cost and low time consumption.
Pay Period

You are paid as soon as the client marks the job as completed. No minimum balance required. No waiting period.

Do the Buyers pay upfront?

Yes. This ensures freelancers get paid. The clients get refunded if for some reason the job couldn't be accomplished.

Is your pricing in USD?

Join TaskArmy Here

Monday, August 23, 2010

GigBux - Set Your Rates $5, $10 and $20 per Gig - Lots of Work Areas

GigBux let you advertise your services on their site. There are also buyer requests needing doing, too. Their catchphrase is "The things people do for $5, $10 and $20"

...and some of the things people will do...!

Anybody around the world can join and offer their services -- no experience needed.


These are the areas of work:
* Art
* Business
* Design & Graphics
* Fun & Bizarre
* Gift Ideas
* Marketing
* Music & Audio
* Other
* Postcards
* Programming
* Silly Stuff
* Technology
* Tips & Advice
* Translation
* Travel
* Video
* Writing
And this is how it works:
How To Sell

1. Create a Gig for a small service you are willing to offer
2. Share your Gig with the world
3. You will be notified when your Gig is ordered, and be asked to accept it
4. We will credit your GigBux balance with amout deducted from commission amount, 48 hrs after you successfully deliver your work
5. Withdraw your earnings to your PayPal (according to the terms of service)
6. Go Party!

How To Buy

1. Find a Gig you like and order it
2. Pay amount by PayPal or credit card
3. Track your seller's work progress, exchange files and communicate
4. Get your finished work!
5. You will have 48 hrs after work delivery to ask for fixes from the seller
6. Provide feedback and review
Some examples of requests and offers:
#livequeens wants: I need an advanced C,C++ programmer
#kai wants: make wish at my birthday for $5
#ehima79 wants: I will install WordPress, WordPress themes and all needed plugins for $5
#kaushik wants: teach me how to use word press
#multilnr wants: give me 5000 entries from real persons on my website. I will give you $5
#anish891 wants: 25 free signups at a dating website. User must be from US/CA/AU and over age of 25
#adilmalik wants: make a simple 30 second video about my service for $20.
#deesmith wants: send my friends a postcard from Rome, Italy for $5.
#deesmith wants: teach me how to use WordPress over Skype.
#deesmith wants: give me instant relief from sadness or stress for $5.
# plmogan wants: provide usability testing on a website from a users point of view.
#plmogan wants: turn an image to a cartoon look-a-like for $5.
#plmogan wants: find me the cheapest airline ticket from San Francisco to Paris airport for $5.
#plmogan wants: write reviews of hotels, restaurants, and vacation destinations.
#plmogan wants: create a fun and stylish project with any items to recycle for $5.
#plmogan wants: write something in the sand and turn it into a greeting card for $5.
#zack_perry wants: phone up a friend on their birthday & sing Happy Birthday to them Marilyn Monroe style for $5.
#zack_perry wants: make a ebook cover for $5
#zack_perry wants: get my website at-least 100 SEO Backlinks for $5.
#zack_perry wants: write business and product-related press release for $5
This one is too funny, funny enough to consider offering the same and going on a world trip:

"#deesmith wants: send my friends a postcard from Rome, Italy for $5."

Check Out GigBux

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lionbridge - Internet Assessors - Current Country List

Here's a list of current Lionbridge Internet Assessor openings.
They're hiring in 32 countries!

Lionbridge Internet Assessors Program

Open Recruitment

# United States (English)
# Australia (English)
# Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani)
# Belgium (Dutch)
# Belgium (French)
# Brazil (Portuguese)
# China (Chinese Simplified)
# Czech Republic (Czech)
# Denmark (Danish)
# Egypt (Arabic)
# Faro Islands (Faroese)
# France (French)
# Germany (German)
# Ireland (Irish)
# Italy (Italian)
# Japan (Japanese)
# Kazakhstan (Kazakh)
# Malaysia (English)
# Mexico (Spanish)
# Mongolia (Mongolian)
# Nepal (Nepali)
# Peru (Quechan)
# Russia (Russian)
# Russia (Tatar)
# Saudi Arabia (Arabic)
# South Africa (Afrikaans)
# South Africa (English)
# South Africa (Zulu)
# Spain (Basque)
# Spain (Spanish)
# Sri Lanka (English)
# Taiwan (Chinese Traditional)
# The Netherlands (Dutch)
# United Kingdom (English)
# United States (Chinese Simplified)
# Venezuela (Spanish)
# Wales (Welsh)
Original Lionbridge Post

Before Applying -- Listen to This Podcast with Lionbridge COO, Satish Maripuri!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Clickworker Needs Writers, Researchers, Data Processors

Whether you have no skills, low skills, or are highly qualified; Clickworker can cater to you. Openings worldwide!


What Does A Clickworker Do?
We are always looking for people from anywhere on the planet who enjoy writing, translating, researching, and data processing. As a Clickworker you earn money working completely independently on your own schedule from any personal computer with Internet access.

The Term Clickworker provides digital tasks to registered Internet workers – we call them Clickworkers. Clickworkers are independent service providers who utilize our workplace platform. Just as with other agencies, Clickworkers are required to register prior to starting his or her work. All data collected is treated as confidential and is used only for communications, assessment, and payment.

Distribution of Tasks

Each Clickworker chooses by himself or herself, from the pool of available projects, those tasks that (s)he wants to take on. The tasks available may vary from Clickworker to Clickworker based on qualification assessments, previous work assessments, education, language abilities, and declared interests. You may qualify for different projects.

Depending on your total profile and qualifications you may be offered specific projects or may be excluded from some projects.
Payment is paid for each completed and accepted task. The amount is fixed and published ahead of time.

The Clickworker Advantage
The tasks here at are smaller, in- and by themselves completed, microjobs. Depending on qualifications, speed, practice, and concentration you can earn well over $10.00 per hour. On average, we expect that a Clickworker earns $9.50 per hour.

Each Clickworker independently decides, when, where and how much (s)he works.
Since many microjobs can be completed in just seconds you can stop and start anytime. As a result, Clickworkers can work anytime, anywhere.

Who Can Become A Clickworker?
Anyone who can read this website through the use of a regular web browser has fulfilled the technical prerequisites. In addition, you have to be allowed to work in the jurisdiction of your residence.

Slide In Easy – Even Without Formal Qualifications

Being a Clickworker
Here at is uncomplicated – even for a newbie.
Initiation and training assure that you attain the necessary competencies to use the workplace interface. All workflows are designed to be very user friendly. For many tasks no special or formal qualifications are necessary. Almost anyone can participate.

Try it. It’s easier than you might think…
New Member Registrations


Want to know more about Clickworker? Listen to this podcast with Sharon Davis from Your Way To Work At Home and Clickworker COO David Moufarrege.

Scroll Down To:

Saturday 12th of June 2010

Clickworker COO David Moufarrege 06-12-2010

This Friday’s radio guest will be David Moufarrege, Chief Operating Officer, Americas for They are always looking for people from anywhere on the planet who enjoy writing, translating, researching, and data processing. As a Clickworker you earn money working completely independently on your own schedule from any personal computer with Internet access. has a network of tens of thousands of clickworkers (the crowd or swarm) that will take on a variety of tasks submitted through their proprietary platform. The tasks range in complexity from simple to very complex.

Friday, August 13, 2010

AccuTran Global - Transcriptionists Needed

AccuTran Global is currently hiring Transcriptionists to work in a few fields. Worldwide applicants can apply.

AccuTran Global
For all positions, please download our questionnaire/test and audio, and please follow carefully the instructions for completion and submission.

* We accept submissions from independent contractors via email
only, and not by telephone.
* Please submit the questionnaire and testing materials provided
only, do not send a separate resume.
* Thank you in advance for your interest. Please note that only
qualified candidates will be contacted.

Further information


Sharon Davis, Your Way to Work at Home, interviews Jennifer Lundrigan, owner of AccuTran Global. Listen for more info on the job.

Scroll Down to:

Saturday 10th of April 2010

Jennifer Lundrigan of AccuTran Global 04-10-2010

I talked transcription and scoping with the Owner of, Jennifer Lundrigan. AccuTran Global is primarily a financial transcription firm established in November 2002. They transcribe, review, edit, and format transcripts. Jennifer started with the company in it’s infancy as a transcriptionist and worked her way through the ranks, eventually taking over for Founder Michele Raye as Owner of the company. AccuTran Global is a truly global, 100% virtual organization and they are actively recruiting talented people from all over the world. They are looking for talented transcriptionists, scopists and editors.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lionbridge - Technical Writers

If you write technical content of the highest quality, consider partnering with Lionbridge. Independent contractors and teams are welcome to apply.

Applications through their portal:

Our Service Partners include providers of Translation, Desktop Publishing, Audio, Multimedia, Technical Writing, Testing, Software Development and Internationalization services.

Lionbridge - Translators Needed

Lionbridge is looking for translators to work online. In particular, they're looking for Brazilian Portuguese translators, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please spread the word. Recruitment is always open for most languages.
Just apply through their portal.
Lionbridge is expanding pool of translators for Brazilian Portuguese. Pass this link to the Brazilians you know:
Lionbridge Service Partners Portal

Regional Director Vendor Management
@Lionbridge Translation & Localization
Twitter @MonicaMOliveira

Thursday, August 5, 2010

LifeTips - Need Experts (Gurus)

LifeTips are looking for experts, AKA, Gurus to write for them. Different pay structures available. English speakers worldwide welcome!

Who you, a Guru? Yes you.

LifeTips is growing like crazy. We need expert writers in each of our topics to keep tips and blog posts flowing to readers. You’ll become the Guru for your own Niche Tip Site at

Get paid in a variety of ways: ad revenue share on the Tip Site, writing assignments with clients, commission from a book we’ll publish and promote for you for free, answering user questions (coming in 2009) and more. Even better, all of our programs and services for Gurus are free.

If you're the passionate expert who knows how to turn complex problems into simple, understandable tips that guide, clarify, connect and enlighten readers, it's time to cash in on your wisdom at LifeTips.

Experience with blogging, social media and community management is mandatory.
Sign up to become a LifeTips Guru

KnowledgeWriting - Writers Needed

KnowledgeWriting is another recruitment platform for Internet Brands. Sign up through here or on the Internet Brands website. English speakers worldwide can apply.

KnowledgeWriting Careers

Ezine Articles - Want Writers

Write articles for Ezine! They have a long list of categories to choose from. Worldwide applicants encouraged to apply.

Ezine Articles
New Members Are Allowed 10 Initial Article Submissions. If Your Articles Meet Our Quality Standards, You May Qualify To Earn Platinum Status (Allows Unlimited Article Submissions)
Create an Account

Squidoo - Writers Needed

Squidoo offers a place to publish your writing and earn royalties.
Writers worldwide can apply.

Squidoo is the popular publishing platform and community that makes it easy for you to create "lenses" online. Lenses are pages, kind of like flyers or signposts or overview articles, that gather everything you know about your topic of interest--and snap it all into focus. Like the lens of a camera, your perspective on something. (You're looking at a lens right now).

It's a supersimple, fun and powerful way to share your interests, build your online identity and credibility, and connect with new readers and friends. It's all free, and you could even earn a royalty for charity or yourself.

Because there's so much you can DO with Squidoo, we know it can get a little overwhelming when you're brand new and still poking around. So many different ways to make a page, different themes and colors and ... what was that about money?

So, while there's a ton more to know (and you'll figure it out over time, never fear) we wanted to put together this overview page for you. It's got some vocabulary, some examples, and a basic lowdown on what you can expect from Squidoo. If you look at the tabs up top, you'll see there's a lot more info here too, like our Terms of Service, a FAQ and more. No need to read it all, but good to reference back to over time.

I hope you'll feel comfortable poking around and exploring, and when you're ready, try making a "lens" of your own.
Join Here

ToneADay - Contributors Needed

ToneADay pays you to review words and strings of words. They want to know if the words are positive or negative. A quick and easy way to make money!
Worldwide applications are welcome!


Rate the tone of words and phrases by telling us how you feel about them. Help us identify the emotional tone of text-based communication by evaluating their emotional intensity against 8 categories of emotion. Start at the Qualifying Level and move your way through 4 emotional milestones to become a qualified contributor. It's quick, easy, and we appreciate your feedback.
Join Here

Monday, August 2, 2010

Guru - Various Positions - Bid on Jobs

Bid for work at Guru. Listed below are the types of jobs on offer.
Open to the world!

Guru Freelancer
Technology: Websites & Ecommerce

Web Development
Web Design
Flash & Web Animation
Email Design
Banner Ads & Icons
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Web Landing Pages
Web 2.0 & Social Networks
Email & RSS
Affiliate & Referral Programs
Other - Internet Marketing
User Experience Design
Usability Testing
Testing & QA
Email Support
Online Chat Support

Programming & Databases

Web Programming
Database Design
Smart Phone Applications
Mobile Applications
Game Development
IT Training
Testing & QA
Embedded Development
Other - Technology Projects
Database Administration
Technical Support

Engineering & CAD

Integrated Circuit Design
Operations Research
Scientific Computation

Networking & Telephone Systems

Network Administration
Wireless Networking
Routers, Firewalls & Security
Server Administration
Telephone Systems
System Administration
Technical Support


JD Edwards
Other - ERP & CRM

Creative Arts: Graphic Design & Multimedia

Logos & Identity Packages
Annual Reports
Packaging Design
Layout & Desktop Publishing
3D Models
Cover & Page Design
Industrial Design
Displays & Posters
PowerPoint Presentations
Video Presentations
Multimedia Animation
Direct Mail Pieces
Flash Presentations
Advertisement Design
Photo & Image Editing

Writing, Editing & Translation

Creative Writing
Technical Writing
Grants & Proposals
Articles & Press Releases
Resumes & Cover Letters
Songs & Poems
Screen & Script Writing
Web Content
Ghost Writing & Books
Other - Translation
Academic Writing
Sales Materials
User Guides & Manuals
Children's Writing
Editing & Proofreading
Chinese Translation
Spanish Translation
Arabic Translation
Hindi Translation
Portuguese Translation
Russian Translation
Japanese Translation
German Translation
French Translation
Italian Translation

Illustration & Art

Nature & Animal Illustration
Architectural Illustration
Child Book Illustration
Product Illustration
Medical Illustration
Technical Illustration
T-shirt Illustration
Other - Illustration
Political Cartoon
Comic Strip
Other - Cartoon
Other - Painting
Wood Sculpting
Metal & Bronze Sculpting
Stone Sculpting
Clay Sculpting
Ice Sculpting
Other - Sculpting
Fantasy & Sci-Fi Illustration
Greeting Card Illustration
Portrait Illustration
Landscape Painting
Mural Painting
Portrait Painting
Real Life Painting
Still Life Painting

Photography & Videography

Wedding Photography
Portrait Photography
Outdoor Photography
Journalistic Photography
News Photography
Other - Photography
Wedding Videography
Other - Videography
Fashion Photography
Advertising Photography
Sports Videography
Corporate Videography
Product Videography
Training Videography
Videography Editing

Fashion & Interior Designs

Fashion Design
Interior Design-Commercial
Interior Design-Residential
Set Design
Landscape Design


Music & Audio
Video & Film Production
Voice Talent-Male
Voice Talent-Female

Business: Admin Support

Word Processing
Data Entry
Event Planning
Virtual Assistants
Office Management
HR & Payroll
Legal Assistance
Medical Billing & Coding
Medical Transcription
Medical Secretarial Support
Research & Fact Checking
Other - Admin Support
Bulk Mailings & Lists

Marketing & Communications

Advertising Concepts
Advertising Management
Marketing Communications
Marketing Coordination
Marketing Plans
Brand Management
Public Relations (PR)
Sales Management
Publication Production
Research & Surveys

Sales & Telemarketing

Field Sales
Customer Service
Lead Generation

Business Consulting

Business Planning
Business Development
E-Business Management
Marketing Research & Plans
IT Project Management
Project Management
International Outsourcing
International Commerce
Operations Management
Controller & Administration
HR Management
Investor Management


Financial & Securities
IP & Trademark
Real Estate
Finance & Accounting
Create an Account Here - Writers & Video Producers is always looking for experts in plenty of fields. Writers and video producers worldwide are encouraged to apply!
Share Your Passion for Your Favorite Topics

Every month, Guides and contributors offer solutions and advice to more than 70 million visitors. They create content and community experiences on everything from health care and parenting issues to travel, cooking, technology, hobbies and more. You could be one of them!

Become a Guide Guides are freelancers, giving them the flexibility to work when they have the time. Most Guides work their magic at night and on the weekends, allowing them to keep their day jobs or other freelance gigs. In fact, with a time commitment of about 10 to 15 hours per week, 60 percent of our Guides are Guides on the side, working with as a secondary job.
Work From Anywhere's corporate offices may be located in New York City, but our Guides live in more than 35 countries all around the world. Our self-directed training program happens online, so you don't need to travel in order to become a Guide.

Become a Contributing Writer

Like Guides, Contributing Writers are freelancers who work online and set their own schedules, giving them the flexibility to work when it suits them. There are other advantages, too, including a compensation plan that offers a base monthly payment combined with incentives for pageview growth, support from our highly-trained editorial team, and the opportunity to take part in our PR program.

Contributing Writers work alongside our Guides, covering specific subtopics that fall within the larger topic areas of our GuideSites. They are responsible for producing a certain amount of content per month on that subtopic. They are not responsible for managing or maintaining a full GuideSite. The Contributing Writers program was created to help us cover topics that may not be broad enough for a full GuideSite.

Become a Video Producer

Each month,'s online videos help millions of users learn new skills to improve their lives and reach their goals. Whether it's cooking a delicious dessert for your kids or styling your facial hair, our videos are a trusted source of advice and instruction. We are always looking for passionate, experienced video producers to contribute to our growing collection of online videos.'s videos are created by freelance producers in collaboration with our editors and Guides. Video producers get to set their own schedules, giving them the flexibility to work when it suits them. There are no requirements for how many videos to produce and deadlines can be set to accommodate your time requirements.

ReviewStream - Paid to Review

ReviewStream want your reviews on just about anything -- and they'll pay for them, too! Reviewers from all over the world welcome.

Review Stream
We are interested in ANY reviews that you can write. We only ask that you are very specific.

For example, if you are reviewing a hotel or car rental company please specify where it is located.

If you are reviewing a store near you, please specify the city and the street.

If you're reviewing your boy/girl friend, husband/wife or boss think about your future first :)

The most wanted reviews requested by the readers are :

travel and related

Special requests :

local businesses
Join Now!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Writers - Need an Article

Need an Article is always looking for good writers. Excellent English required. Applications are accepted worldwide.

Need an Article

Need an Article is so much more than just content!

Need an Article brings you what you need, when you need it. You can order more than articles from Need an Article. Our experts offer you solutions for

• Business Plans
• Resume Writing
• Class Planning
• Medical Transcription
• Report Writing
• WordPress Websites
• WordPress Consultations
• SEO and LinkBuilding
• Forum Posting
• Directory Submissions
• Letters of Pleading

When you need well-crafted and well-written content for business, for website, or for personal reasons Need an Article has the solution to your writing needs.
Applications Here

Experts123 - Contributors Wanted

Experts123 will pay you to answer questions!
Contributors worldwide welcome.

Experts123 is a question and answer search engine designed to help match people with questions to people who have answers.
Apply Now!

Bright Hub - Writers Wanted

Bright Hub need writers to write for their channels. Experts worldwide will be considered.

Bright Hub
Bright Hub is looking for talented writers to contribute to one of the fastest growing communities online. If you have something bright to say, say it here!

We need writers who can help guide our readers in making informed decisions about topics that impact their work, their play, and all aspects of their lives. We are looking for qualified experts with subject matter knowledge regarding any one of our 30+ Technology, Health, Education, Parenting, or Science channels.

Apply Here