Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Task Army - Set Your Rates - Freelancers Needed - Many Areas of Work

TaskArmy is an Australian crowdsourcing company. Different to the usual crowdsourcing model, Task Army allows you to set your own prices for work. Similar to companies like fiverr - The things people do for $5 -- but gives you the opportunity to charge higher rates. Open to the world.

Task Army

1. Experts list the tasks they are willing to do
2. Buyers come and buy the tasks they need done
3. Experts are notified when their tasks are bought
4. Buyers are notified when the work is done and can approve the payment


* All transactions are made via Paypal for better security and dispute management
* For each task, experts receive 80%
* The payment is made only when the buyer has confirmed the task has been done

Why $99?

Constraints encourage creativity. We want experts to come up with creative ways to help businesses while valuing their time and skills.

$99 is also a fairer ground for experts from more expensive countries (as opposed to india or philippines). Experts don't compete on pricing, they compete on creativity and quality which is what businesses really care about.

TaskArmy's model is a good way for a business to find a freelancer at low risk, low cost and low time consumption.
Pay Period

You are paid as soon as the client marks the job as completed. No minimum balance required. No waiting period.

Do the Buyers pay upfront?

Yes. This ensures freelancers get paid. The clients get refunded if for some reason the job couldn't be accomplished.

Is your pricing in USD?

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  1. Hey, thanks for writing about TaskArmy.com!

    "TaskArmy's model is a good way for a business to find a freelancer at low risk, low cost and low time consumption."

    I am happy when I see people 'get' what I am trying to do.


  2. And thank you for offering your service. Many freelancers should find this system fair as well. Best of luck!