Monday, August 2, 2010 - Writers & Video Producers is always looking for experts in plenty of fields. Writers and video producers worldwide are encouraged to apply!
Share Your Passion for Your Favorite Topics

Every month, Guides and contributors offer solutions and advice to more than 70 million visitors. They create content and community experiences on everything from health care and parenting issues to travel, cooking, technology, hobbies and more. You could be one of them!

Become a Guide Guides are freelancers, giving them the flexibility to work when they have the time. Most Guides work their magic at night and on the weekends, allowing them to keep their day jobs or other freelance gigs. In fact, with a time commitment of about 10 to 15 hours per week, 60 percent of our Guides are Guides on the side, working with as a secondary job.
Work From Anywhere's corporate offices may be located in New York City, but our Guides live in more than 35 countries all around the world. Our self-directed training program happens online, so you don't need to travel in order to become a Guide.

Become a Contributing Writer

Like Guides, Contributing Writers are freelancers who work online and set their own schedules, giving them the flexibility to work when it suits them. There are other advantages, too, including a compensation plan that offers a base monthly payment combined with incentives for pageview growth, support from our highly-trained editorial team, and the opportunity to take part in our PR program.

Contributing Writers work alongside our Guides, covering specific subtopics that fall within the larger topic areas of our GuideSites. They are responsible for producing a certain amount of content per month on that subtopic. They are not responsible for managing or maintaining a full GuideSite. The Contributing Writers program was created to help us cover topics that may not be broad enough for a full GuideSite.

Become a Video Producer

Each month,'s online videos help millions of users learn new skills to improve their lives and reach their goals. Whether it's cooking a delicious dessert for your kids or styling your facial hair, our videos are a trusted source of advice and instruction. We are always looking for passionate, experienced video producers to contribute to our growing collection of online videos.'s videos are created by freelance producers in collaboration with our editors and Guides. Video producers get to set their own schedules, giving them the flexibility to work when it suits them. There are no requirements for how many videos to produce and deadlines can be set to accommodate your time requirements.

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