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Get Paid for Your Photos, Graphics & Videos

If you're a great photographer, graphic designer, or can make interesting videos -- you can sell your work. Different sites have different payment structures. Global talent accepted. Here's a few places to get you going!


Join more than 1,910,928 professionals within the media and communications industry. Register now for a free account!
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Shutterstock Images

Shutterstock is the largest subscription-based stock photo agency in the world. Every day we add thousands of photographs, illustrations, and vectors to our outstanding collection of premium, royalty-free images. Select the subscription plan that's best for you and start downloading today.
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How iStockphoto works

iStockphoto is the internet's original member-generated image and design community. Get easy, affordable inspiration with millions of safe, royalty-free photographs, vector illustrations, video footage, audio tracks and Flash files. Buy stock or sell stock — or both.
More Information on iStockphoto

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Writers Wanted for Mahalo

Mahalo pays for article contributions and for answering questions. Writers from all over the globe are welcome.

Mahalo is a Hawaiian word meaning thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, respects. Wikipedia


Earn money writing about the things you love!
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Write for InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel offers revenue sharing to worldwide contributors.
Write well -- make money. It's that simple.


How To Start Writing

If you are an expert on a subject and want to contribute to Infobarrel we would love to have you as a member. Members not only get the benefit of having their content visible to the entire Internet, but you can also make money in doing so! Members can also email articles to other friends as well as comment on existing articles.

Simply fill out our sign up form and start writing! You will be assigned an account manager who will review your articles before they go live on the site. Once you have signed up and filled out your profile you can add a Google Adsense Publisher ID to your account which will allow you to start earning money through Google's adsense program.

If you don't already have an Adsense account, make sure you have your profile filled out complete with a small bio. You should also have at least one published article in your profile prior to applying to ensure Google approves your account.
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Experts123 Want Writers

Experts123 is looking for writers for a wide range of subjects. Worldwide contributors needed.


What are the benefits of becoming an Experts123 Contributor?

Share your knowledge and experience while earning money for your articles and answers to user questions!

Whether your goal is to gain revenue from your writing or expand your business' online presence, Experts123 makes it happen. As an Expert Contributor, you have an ever-growing list of benefits to both promote your writing skills, your business, and your expertise--all while getting paid!

How do I earn money?

You will need to first apply as an Expert Contributor and have your application approved. Once you are approved as an Expert Contributor, you will gain access to the Assignments, which can be viewed under your My Profile page. You will need to select the assignments and complete them within 24 hours. Assignments can be both quick answers or short articles. You can:

1. Answer questions from the Assignments Desk and earn money when users visit your answers.

2. Write articles and earn revenue share when users visit your article.

Attention Premier Writers:
For those with superior creativity and writing skills, earn up to $20 per 350-600 word article when you write an article that is labeled "Work for Hire" status (WFH). Showcase your skills by accepting revenue share assignments and you will be quickly upgraded to WFH status.

Here are some helpful tips on how to show us your writing skills:

* Ensure that all of your submissions are proof-read, with no spelling errors, correct punctuation, and following the style guides.
* Make your articles witty, creative, and fun to read.
* Don't waste words! Eliminate unnecessary words and phrases (AKA: "Filler and Fluff").
* Organize your writing logically and make one subject seamlessly flow into the next.
* We give special consideration to writers who consistently use AP Style writing.

Expert Writer

What expertise or skills do I need in order to write for Experts123?

We are seeking writers who can be creative and witty, while providing expert answers and articles on an ever-growing number of topics. We also try to create articles that meet the interests and expertise that our writers include on their profiles. If you are an excellent writer who knows how to keep a reader engaged, we would love to have you on board!

Why should I become an Experts123 Contributor instead of creating my own blog?

Why not do both?! Experts123 lets you expand your online presence while linking to your existing websites and blogs. Create a link network and get yourself recognized as a top contributor and expert!

Our Expert Contributors gain visibility through our site's presence on other sites and search engines. Take advantage of this opportunity to earn money and showcase your expertise, while gaining traffic to your blog or website.
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Bukisa Wants Content Writers, Videos & Audio Files

Bukisa is a revenue sharing site. Your articles, videos and audio files are paid per view. If they're good, the money will roll in all by itself. Worldwide positions open.


How does the Bukisa Revenue Sharing model work?

BUKISA's unique and revolutionary revenue sharing model is based on two main revenue streams and the innovative Bukisa Index:

1. Getting paid for people reading, viewing or listening to your high quality published content.

2. Getting paid for the read, viewed & listened published content of your friends, friends' friends and their friends (up to three levels).

You get paid up to three levels. Most people will ask their family and friends to join.

• 1st Level - You invite your Family and Friends and now they are helping you earn more money.

• 2nd Level – Your family and friends now ask their friends to join the BUKISA family and because your family and friends are contributors with BUKISA because of you, you are rewarded.

• 3rd level – Now their friends will want to boost their earnings by recruiting their own family and friends and you get rewarded a third time.

LoveToKnow Need Writers & Editors

Are you experienced in a field or two? LoveToKnow want to hear from you! US English writers and editors needed, worldwide opportunity.


Write for Us!

LoveToKnow offers the most useful information on the topics you want to know more about. Each LoveToKnow channel provides accurate and in-depth resources, written by devoted writers and managed by expert editors.

About LoveToKnow Writers and Editors

LoveToKnow writers and editors are a dedicated community of topic experts, paid to research, write and edit informational articles, product reviews, quizzes and slideshows. To apply, please fill out our writers' application.

Please note that due to the large number of applications we receive, we are not able to personally respond to all applicants. We do keep applications on file, so there is no need to reapply more than once a year.

Writers: If you are a technically savvy, experienced writer with expertise in one or more of our topic areas, and you are interested in regularly contributing articles, we would love to hear from you. Please submit a complete writers' application. Applications without samples or submitted via email are not considered. Pay for approved writers starts at $20 per 650-word article, pending acceptance.

Writer requirements:

*Extensive experience with the chosen topics
*At least one year of professional writing experience; editing experience a plus
*Minimum of six months writing Internet content, including work with a web-based content management system
*Access to computer, stable high-speed Internet, telephone service and Yahoo! Instant Messenger
* Interested in contributing articles on a continuing basis

Site Editors: Site editors boast an expertise in a given subject matter and are responsible for writing and editing content for their sites. A site editor is asked to contribute expert content and to edit writers' contributions. The site editor researches topics and helps guide the direction and structure of a particular LoveToKnow site. The site editor may also add images to the site, participate in design discussions and ensure the site is appropriately cross-linked.

Site editor requirements:

*Extensive experience with the chosen topic
*Professional writing and editing experience
*Comfortable with web-based content management and editing
*Good interpersonal skills

Experience with blogging, forum moderation and online content management tools are all desirable.

Do you think we’d love to know you?

As a fast growing website, we are actively seeking expert writers on a variety of subject areas. The following are some general themes we are in most need of; however, this list is only a sampling. In the application, you will have the opportunity to indicate specific channels that most interest you.

* Money and Finances
* Shopping and Fashion
* Beauty
* Home Design, Improvement and Furniture
* Entertainment
* Family Issues
* French
* Health and Wellness
* Technology
* Origami
* Tattoos
* Games and Hobbies
* Bedding and Linens
* Cocktails
* Appliances

If you are qualified and interested in working with LoveToKnow, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our writers' application and provide all of the requested information. We will contact you if we feel your background is appropriate for our current needs. If the site you are interested in does not appear on the form, please add notes about your interests in the qualifications field.
LoveToKnow More Information

Submit Ideas for Greeting Cards - Part 4

Do you have what it takes to write funny lines, romantic anecdotes, or cutting humour? Or are you just one of those people who always has a joke on someone else? Well, maybe writing for greeting card companies is down your alley... Here's a list of places to submit to. Remember, this type of work is hit and miss. Only a small percentage of submissions get through.

Designer Greetings

Specific guidelines for writers, photographers and artists vary as we have many different card lines. We produce humorous and traditional cards as well as all holidays. We are always interested in new markets and new ideas.

Examples of some categories for photographers and artists:

•Humorous – Pets, animals and children

•Everyday – Florals, (both close up arrangements and natural settings), scenic views, pets, children, romantic compositions, baby room compositions, and some New York City scenes.

•Holidays – Christmas scenes or items, Jewish holiday items, Valentine’s Day items, Feminine/Masculine compositions for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

For artists:

We look for a polished, contemporary, professional style in mediums such as watercolor, pencil, airbrush and computer generated images.

For writers and artists:

All submissions should be accompanied with a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like them returned.

Please do not send electronic submissions; they will not be accepted.
Thank you for your interest in Designer Greetings.
For More Information on Designer Greetings

PK Press

Humorous Juvenile Birthday Card Writer

Are you a gifted writer of greeting cards for kids? Do you conceive of birthday card ideas in your spare time? If so, we want to hear from you! We are looking for experienced greeting card writers with a knack for funny, silly, or humorous text for kids. See below for details:
Requirements for submission:

* Brief description of your experience
* 6 birthday card concept ideas for kids age 2 through 8, including a description of the visuals for the card as well as a greeting

We’d like the submissions in the following format:

* Front of card: (Describe visuals and include text for greeting)
* Inside of card: (Greeting and possible visual but not required)

For example:

Front: Visual: Hotdogs dancing with hotdog buns falling off. Text: “It’s Your Birthday!”

Inside: Text only “Dance your buns off!” (no visuals)

We will respond within 4-6 weeks. If we use your ideas, we offer a $100 flat fee for every concept used and a dozen sample cards. We do not credit writers on our cards.

Look forward to hearing your funny, creative ideas!
PK Press Employment Opportunites

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Submit Ideas for Greeting Cards - Part 3

Do you have what it takes to write funny lines, romantic anecdotes, or cutting humour? Or are you just one of those people who always has a joke on someone else? Well, maybe writing for greeting card companies is down your alley... Here's a list of places to submit to. Remember, this type of work is hit and miss. Only a small percentage of submissions get through.

Smart Alex

Smart Alex welcomes submissions from artists, photographers and writers who share Smart Alex's philosophy of keeping greeting cards strictly, "funny, edgy & risqué". This type of material is our specialty, our niche, which is what we are known for the greeting card industry, we DO NOT deviate from this format. If your work obviously falls out of our parameters, please do not submit.

Please get yourself acquainted with our Smart Alex's sense of humor (see), as you can see through our large selections, it should be apparent the type of greeting cards that we publish. If your work style is consistent with our Smart Alex's publishing strategy, your work can be submitted as finished, a working model, or in conceptual form. Our only requirement is that the subject matter be humorous.
Submission Guidelines - Smart Alex

Avanti Press

We make people smile. It's that simple -- Avanti Press
Submission Guidelines - Avanti Press

Freedom Greetings

Freedom was founded in 1969 and was one of the first in the social expression industry to recognize a need for the African American market.

We have grown from our humble beginnings and are now considered to be on the leading edge of manufacturers in nearly every trend in the Traditional and Contemporary greeting card marketplace

We will consider all material, however, our current needs include contemporary humor for the Cheers line and contemporary, sophisticated messages for Cappuccino and DeCaf lines.
Freedom Greetings Submissions


Witty humor is always in demand! Cute remarks, silly puns, clever quips, double entendres and simple visual gags all have their place within Papyrus humorous division. However, we tend to avoid off-color and sophomoric humor.
Papyrus - Submission Guidelines

Noble Works

Welcome to, where laughter is the main business, and joking is practically a religion. Also, of course, where every one of our hysterical greeting cards is freakin' awesome! Our cards are the funniest, most fabulous you'll find anywhere, and that's for one reason and one reason only. ‘Cause we're the bestest. Yeah, we said it, we know we are! Our Naughty Birthday Cards are the Birthday-y-est, our Funny Christmas Cards are the Christmas-y-est, our Get Well Cards are so funny, they just make you want you to get well faster and harder. We truly believe that humor can be that powerful (especially ours). Just remember to take a deep breath and relax, knowing you can be totally confident as you hand over that carefully-sealed envelope with the most kick ass greeting card you've ever seen inside! Go ahead. Buy that scandalously naughty greeting card. Step toward the light and feel yourself become immersed in that delicious, scrumptious humor. We's funnier over here (We also have chocolate and candy…). You're gonna like it. If you dare!
For More Information on NobleWorks

Submit Ideas for Greeting Cards - Part 4

Submit Ideas for Greeting Cards - Part 2

Do you have what it takes to write funny lines, romantic anecdotes, or cutting humour? Or are you just one of those people who always has a joke on someone else? Well, maybe writing for greeting card companies is down your alley... Here's a list of places to submit to. Remember, this type of work is hit and miss. Only a small percentage of submissions get through.

Blue Mountain Arts

Greeting Card Writings

Blue Mountain Arts is interested in reviewing writings that would be appropriate for publication on our greeting cards. We are looking for highly original and creative submissions on love, friendship, family, philosophies, and any other topic that one person might want to share with another. Please note that we do not accept rhyming poetry.
Submission Information for Blue Mountain Arts

High Cotton


Original. Fresh. Thought-provoking. Short and to the point. 95% of our concepts are word-driven, so we should be right up your alley. But there are gospel truths that must be followed religiously if we're to connect. If you disregard the "no no's" you won't get any "yes! yes!'s."
High Cotton Submission Information

Novo Card Publishers

A greeting card is the shortest distance between two people -- Novo
Novo Card Publishers - Submission Guidelines

Ephemera Inc

MAKE US LAUGH OUT LOUD! We're looking for satirical slogans about pop culture, politics & the president, job attitudes, women's & men's issues, coffee, booze, pot, drugs, religion, food, aging, teens, gays & lesbians, sexual come-ons & put-downs. But please don't limit yourself to these topics. Surprise us!

Be fresh, original and concise. Our buttons and magnets are small, so we are looking for HIGH IMPACT gems of wit stated in AS FEW WORDS AS POSSIBLE. Ephemera has a reputation for coming up with the most irreverent, provocative and outrageously funny material on the market. We encourage you to be as weird, twisted and rude as you like.
Writer's Guidelines - Ephemera

Andrews McMeel Universal

One of our core values is that “we treat each other with dignity, honesty, and respect. We value and encourage each other's abilities and creativity.”

We do not take this or any of our core values lightly. As John McMeel has stated, "Our products are in the minds of our creators and authors". It takes every one of our associates working together to get that product out to each and every customer that we serve.

We work in a fun environment, one that is filled with deadlines, excitement, laughter, as well as high expectations for doing the right things and doing them well.
Andrews McMeel Universal Careers

Submit Ideas for Greeting Cards - Part 3

Submit Ideas for Greeting Cards - Part 1

Do you have what it takes to write funny lines, romantic anecdotes, or cutting humour? Or are you just one of those people who always has a joke on someone else? Well, maybe writing for greeting card companies is down your alley... Here's a list of places to submit to. Remember, this type of work is hit and miss. Only a small percentage of submissions get through.


Hello freelancers,
We are on the verge of an abundant increase in our Greeting Card line. We are looking primarily for birthday greeting cards with the themes of Over the Hill, Attitude and Humor.
Kalan Submissions

American Greetings

American Greetings Corporation is a leading manufacturer of innovative social expression products that assist consumers in enhancing their relationships.

The company's major greeting card brands are American Greetings, Carlton Cards, Gibson, Recycled Paper Greetings, and Papyrus, and other paper product offerings include DesignWare party goods, American Greetings and Plus Mark gift-wrap and boxed cards and Date Works calendars.

American Greetings also has the largest collection of electronic greetings on the Web, including cards available at through AG Interactive, Inc., the company's online division. AG Interactive also offers digital photo sharing and personal publishing at and and a one-stop source for online graphics, animations, and more at
Writer Application for American Greetings

Gallant Greetings

Employment Opportunities

Looking to start a career in the greeting card industry? Join the Gallant Greeting Corp. team!
Gallant Greeting Employment Information

Marian Heath

We love the greeting card business.

Fabulous product is fun to create. Best-of-the-best artists,
designers and writers bring fresh looks & voices to our line constantly.
Marian Heath - Freelance Guidelines

Warner Press

Thank you for your interest in writing for Warner Press. Warner Press has been the publishing house for the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) for over one hundred years. We develop and produce a wide variety of non-denominational Christian material for individual and church use.
Warner Press Submission Guidelines

Submit Ideas for Greeting Cards - Part 2

Weegy - Get Paid to Answer Questions

Weegy has positions open worldwide for Researchers to answer questions. Get paid per question. Other incentives also available. No recruitment process. Just sign up and start working!
Become a Weegy Expert. is a community-based expert system that belongs to all of us. Got a question? Go to Have a problem? Go to Weegy will usually have the answer (or an answer, at least). She will possibly become the most respected authority in the world on all subjects…and she is getting smarter every day…
Sign Up For Weegy Here

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

63336 - Researchers Required

Get paid to answer text message questions. 63336 is very strict with grammar and spelling. Read Brilliant Answers and be prepared for the test when applying. You only get two shots at it. Based in the UK. Australian positions available.

Text any question to 63336

We've been answering questions now for six years, so when it comes down to it, 63336, the UK's most accurate text question and answer service, knows pretty much everything. Ask us absolutely any question - fun or serious, or just challenging - and we'll answer in just a few minutes.


Applicants need to be fluent in English, with excellent writing skills. We provide computer systems that help you research answers quickly, but you also need to be able to use your own knowledge, and internet search skills, to help come up with great answers for our customers.

You will be working on a self-employed basis; conducting research from home at times that suit you - all you need is your own computer with a broadband internet connection. You will be paid pro-rata for the research you do.
Apply to 63336 Here

Demand Studios - Writers Wanted

Demand Studios is hiring writers from all over the world. Write articles for a range of websites. US English a must.

USA, Canada and UK only

Apply for freelance writing jobs with Demand Studios. Demand Studios is hiring freelance writers to write articles for websites like,, and many more. Freelance writing opportunities are work from home and pay competitive per article rates. Experienced writers apply today!
Apply to Write for Demand Studios

readbud - Get Paid to Read Articles

readbud want their articles rated, and they pay for it! The more interests you have, the more articles get sent your way. Open to Australians.
readbud offers you a unique opportunity to involve yourself in an exclusive online experience where you get paid to read and rate interesting articles relevant to your actual interests.

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

Internet Brands - Web Content Writers

Internet Brands hire writers worldwide; and for a large number of websites. If you have an interest in writing for one or more of their other sites -- apply and let your interests be known. US English required.

Work With Us

Success starts with having the right people. At Internet Brands, we seek out talented goal-oriented professionals to join a team on the cutting edge of social media. Our team of innovators and leaders has enabled us to sustain consistent high levels of profitability.

Internet Brands, Inc. is searching for writers:

The compensation is a flat rate averaging $8 for long articles (400 words), and $4 for short articles (250 words).
Apply to Write for Internet Brands through Knowledge Writing

QualityGal - Hiring Writers

QualityGal hire Australians to write high quality content. Must have excellent US English and grammar skills. Good researching abilities also required.
Thank you for your interest in QualityGal! We are always looking for talented writers dedicated to producing the highest quality content. pays $12 or more per article. The amount we pay depends on a number of factors, most importantly the number of links included in the article. The maximum pay is $25 per article, and the maximum number of links in the article would be 70 links. Payment for completed and accepted articles is made each Friday through PayPal or check.

Please be sure you read and understand all of the following forms. You will be held responsible for the information contained within, additional reading information is under each separate application by number.
Apply to Write for QualityGal

Helium - Need Writers

Helium hire writers globally and have positions open now. The best articles earn the most money. Start immediately!

Helium is the face of the publishing revolution!

Helium is also a knowledge co-operative where our writers are also our editors who read and rate every article on the site.

At Helium, we believe that everyone can contribute what they know to share with millions of readers around the globe.

At Helium, we believe readers want a choice of viewpoints – not just one opinion on any subject.

At Helium, we believe publishers need an easier, more efficient way to get the content they need.

At Helium, great writing rises to the top. And great writing reaps great rewards.

* Helium’s best writers earn cash through:
* Upfront Payments for contributed work
* Daily revenue share
* Writing contests

* Our best writers are recognized through:
* Citizen Journalism Awards
* Published articles through Marketplace
* Professional journalism organizations

What are you waiting for? JOIN HELIUM TODAY! Whether you’re a professional looking to stretch your talents, a journalist establishing a web presence, a freelancer getting your career off the ground or a reader researching information, there’s something for you at Helium.
Helium - Writer Application

Calysto Communications & PR - Freelance Researchers

Calysto Communications and Public Relations hire Australians to do online research. Data entry required. Part-time only.
Research Freelancer

Are you interested in making a little extra money from home? Do you enjoy researching? Calysto Communications is seeking self-motivated research freelancers and we would like to speak with you about this opportunity. The responsibilities include: data entry into databases, accurate research with an estimated 100-150 contacts entered into the database per week with correct information. Calysto will only pay you $0.50 per correct entry entered into the database. We provide you with the list of companies and you fill in all of the required fields of information that we need.
Calysto - Research Freelancer Application

Quicktate - Hiring Transcriptionists

Quicktate is constantly hiring typists to transcribe voice messages into text. Australians are welcome. Knowledge of US English required.

Typing for Quicktate

Thank you for your interest in typing for us!

Who we are

We transcribe voicemail messages, memos, letters and other documents. The voicemail message files average 1-2 minutes in length, while the other recordings are typically longer.

What we require

1. Accurate spelling and punctuation.
2. Typists that know how to follow instructions.
3. Typists that can listen to voice files and accurately type what they hear.
4. Speed. You don't have to be the fastest typist, but you can't be too slow either.
5. Honesty, integrity and reliability.

You can select your own hours that you want to work. You can work as few, or as many hours as you want. During the (US) nights there are fewer files to transcribe, but they still must be transcribed in a timely fashion. If possible, please stay logged in whenever you are at your computer and available to type - even if for just a few minutes at a time- day or night. We are busier during the day. We are open for business 24 hours/ day; 7 days/ week.

Our goal is for the customers to get their transcribed voicemail messages (and other files) almost immediately after we receive the voice file, so that's why we need you to stay logged in as much as possible. In some cases there are deadlines.

If you have another job, or are already an iDictate typist, this would be great "filler" work. You can keep Quicktate open in the background, and when there is a job to be typed, it will just start playing on your speakers. Just type the message, proof your work and click submit... more
Apply to Quicktate Here

Butler Hill Group - Web Search Evaluators

Butler Hill Group is currently hiring Australians to perform web search evaluations! Work online. Position is part-time.

Consulting Information
One of the firm’s greatest resources is the knowledge base contained in its network of consultants, built over the past 15 years. Butler Hill creates virtual teams of professional consultants drawn from this global network based on the scope and requirement of each project. Some projects require a great deal of collaboration while others depend upon the professionalism of a single individual.

As a virtual company we don’t dictate where or how you work as long as you know what needs doing and get it done. Consultants can work from any location they choose on short- or long-term projects, typically at hours and days of their choosing. The only thing we insist on is quality work.

Our goal is find the right people in the 40 countries where we do business, who are not only capable but share our enthusiasm and love of language. Feel free to contact us even if you don’t see a specific job posting in the list; we are always interested in adding to our existing network of professional consultants

Search result evaluation / Data annotation
Web search evaluators provide feedback to search engine development teams to ensure that internet search results are accurate, timely, comprehensive, free of spam, and relevant to the search query’s intent. The evaluators, also called data annotators, perform services on a part-time basis (4 hours every weekday) for two months or more from their home office, rating pairs of search queries and search results. They are native speakers of the respective target language, internet-savvy, familiar with a wide variety of online news sources, and they have a passion for researching information. We have worked with over 800 such consultants in 20 markets; while most of the work is performed individually, regular virtual meetings keep everyone in synch.

Web Search Evaluator - Australia



Be part of a global team to evaluate and improve search engine results for one of the world's top internet search engine companies!


Butler Hill Group ( is a linguistics services technology company that is focused on helping our clients reach new international markets by leveraging our expertise in over 50 languages and dialects. Our client is one of the world's top internet search engine companies and is currently seeking internet-savvy freelance Web Search Evaluators.


Web Search Evaluators will review and evaluate internet search results based on specific search terms and provide a rating depending on the relevance of the search result to the search term. The evaluation work is done using an online automated tool.

You will work 4 hours per day (Monday-Friday) and have the flexibility to choose the hours you wish to work each day. This project requires a commitment to work part-time at 20-22 hours per week. Project work is expected to extend through June, 2010, with a possible further extension to June, 2011.


· Personal PC that runs Windows Vista or Windows 7 (Windows XP and Apple O/S are not acceptable)

· Minimum screen resolution capabilities of 1280 X 768; desired resolution is 1280 X 1024

· A high-speed internet connection

· Ability to problem-solve technical/software issues independently

· Detail-oriented and organized with strong time management skills and the ability to manage a 20-22 hours per week self- directed work schedule

· Must be a current resident of Australia and have spent the majority of your life in Australia

· Familiar with current cultural, political, business and media affairs in Australia

· Extensive familiarity with a wide variety of online news sources published in Australia

· Avid internet enthusiast with excellent web research and analytical capabilities

· Completed at least 1-2 years of a university program

· 1-2 years professional work experience


A competitive hourly pay rate, flexible work schedule while working online remotely.
Butler Hill Group - Web Search Evaluator Application