Thursday, July 29, 2010

Online Psychics - Psychics Needed

Psychics Needed need psychics. Must have proven experience.
International applicants can apply.

Psychics Needed
Job Openings With Psychics Needed

Tarot Readers
Dream Interpreters

We hire the best readers available! In order to apply for our positions, you must already have the skills and abilities necessary. While we do provide extensive training and support on how to use our system and provide telephone consultations, we do not train you to provide readings. You must already have experience with providing intuitive, psychic, astrological or tarot card readings.

We also look for caring, compassionate readers. It is important to us that our clients receive the best possible service. We don't tolerate readers whose sole purpose is to keep the customer on the line to extend their compensation. Its just not necessary! Our advisors are held to the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Here's a few quick facts about how our system works:

* Each advisor is provided with an extension number. Advisors login to our system using a toll-free number. Once logged in, the system is able to forward customer calls to the advisor. Clients never know any personal information about our advisors and do not have access to their telephone number.

* Because each advisor has a personal extension on our network, clients are able to call specific advisors. This allows our advisors to build long-term relationships with clients who choose them as their personal reader! Our technology even has personalized voicemail messages incase your clients try to reach you when you are not logged on.

* There are never any fees to the advisor for accepting calls on our network. The only cost to the advisor is the cost of their telephone line.

* Advisors do set and choose schedules, and should be able to commit to a schedule of at least 25-30 hours per week.

* Applicant must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of providing readings. At least one sample reading will be provided for our managers prior to being provided an extension.

* Each advisor is responsible for having a dedicated telephone line. This line must be a land-line (no cells) with no features. No call-waiting, no caller i.d., no voicemail or answering machine attached.

* Compensation is made for talk time, at the rate of .37 cents / $22.50 per hour upto .87 cents / $52.50 per hour. We do not have a sliding scale based on averages or total talk time. Complete compensation details will be discussed during your initial interview. Paychecks are sent weekly.

If this sounds like the perfect job for you, we're excited to have an opportunity to meet you! We'd like to invite you to complete our online application. After you complete the application, one of our hiring managers will be in contact with you very soon!
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